Listed at $190 million, Greenwich estate is priciest home in the US | On The Block | an blog

Listed at $190 million, Greenwich estate is priciest home in the US | On The Block | an blog

The property

Single-family home is rather a misnomer for this estate, as it consists of so much more than just the home itself- a 13,519 square foot French-renaissance mansion with 12 bedrooms, seven full baths, two half baths, library, solarium, wine cellar and entire floor for staff. Special features include 12-foot ceilings, multiple carved fireplaces and balconies, plus huge windows and glassed-in porches for taking in the panoramic Long Island Sound view. The property straddles 50 acres spread over two islands, and outdoor features include a 75 foot pool with spa and pool house, grass tennis court, stone carriage house and guest cottage, plus abundant rolling lawns and gardens.

The history

Since being built in 1896, Copper Beech Farm has only known two owners. Harriet Lauder Greenway (whose father, George Lauder, joined Andrew Carnegie to create U.S. Steel) purchased the property in 1904 and lived there for 75 years. Current owner John Rudey, who made his money in timber, acquired the home in an off market deal. According to Forbes, “The estate hasn’t been publicly listed for sale in more than a century.”

Big spenders are back

The high-high end luxury home market has enjoyed a comeback of late all over the country, with record sales in New York, San Francisco, Woodside, Montana, and Beverly Hills. But often even these uber-listings targeting the uber-rich must come down in price before selling. For example, the Spelling Mansion, once “haven” to Candy Spelling, wife of the deceased TV mogul, Aaron Spelling, tried to sell her Beverly Hills manse for $150 million. She ended up taking $85 million instead from Petra Ecclestone, the 22-year-old British heiress of Formula One Manangement.

Listed at $190 million, Greenwich estate is priciest home in the US | On The Block | an blog.

10 Outrageous Beverly Hills Homes


With hit shows like 90210 and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, everyone knows the California neighborhood is home to the rich and famous. With attractions like Rodeo Drive and legendary restaurants Spago and Crustacean, Beverly Hills is a natural hotspot for celebrities like Michael Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, and Ellen DeGeneres, who have all had Beverly Hills properties.

Some of the Beverly Hills homes currently on the market range in price from $13 million to $115 million. Some are set on acres of sprawling green and feature sparkling waterfalls and private tennis courts. These properties are truly one in a million—and will truly cost you millions.

For your home shopping needs (or to satiate your real estate curiosity), we found the top 10 most outrageous houses in Beverly Hills. From a regal French château to The Legendary Beverly House, these homes are the cream of the crop. Representing a range of styles from modern to art deco, these palatial properties are totally celebrity-worthy. In fact, the gorgeous property on Oak Pass Road (shown above) is home to actor Mark Wahlberg. And now, that same abode—or any of the miraculous others—can be yours. Take a deep breath and brace yourself for the most unbelievable, exclusive, and breathtaking Beverly Hills homes. Click through to be wowed. —Mina Kang

10 Outrageous Beverly Hills Homes.

Easy to Build House | Tiny House Movement | Home Improvement Blog


easy build home

easy build home

If your tool skills are limited to a screwdriver and a bottle opener, you can still build your own house.

Teal Panels makes structures from molded polyethylene panels that fasten together using nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver. The wall and corner panels can be configured into pod-like playhouses, fishing cabins, guest suites, and backyard offices.

You can build a 10-by-10-foot structure in about 90 minutes, says Teal Panels president Lawrence Drake. Pretty zippy if you’re into the tiny house movement.

Drake originally designed the panels to make lightweight camper shells for pickup trucks, but quickly realized the potential of the modular design.

“Everything has been designed to use the fewest number of parts and the simplest building techniques,” says Drake. “It’s easy, accessible construction.”

Highlights of a Teal Panels structure include:

Interlocking tabs help the 21-inch-wide, 20-lb. panels fit together, and waterproof gaskets between the panels seal out air and moisture.

Panels can be ordered with windows and polyurethane insulation. The panels nest together to reduce shipping bulk, and for compact storage.

Lightweight canvas roofing is available, but home owners may decide to build their own roofs from plywood or metal.

Flooring is not part of the package. You’ll have to provide your own using a wood deck or a concrete slab. You can put a Teals Panel structure right on the ground — it’s rot-proof — but you’d be wise to add a PVC vapor barrier over the ground or under a gravel bed to ward off dampness.

Cabinets, vanities, dinettes, and other accessories are available. Space-saving designs include wooden cabinets that fold up when not in use, and canvas “bag cabinets” that collapse to save space.

You’ll have to provide your own plumbing service and electrical service.

Other custom options include skylights, exhaust vents, and exterior colors.

Right now, Teal Panels is putting the finishing touches on their production facilities, and Drake estimates the panels will be available for purchase in late fall. Expect a basic wall panel to cost $175 to $200.

And when you’re done assembling your own mini-house, you can use your other tool — that bottle opener — to celebrate.

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Easy to Build House | Tiny House Movement | Home Improvement Blog.

Spray On Granite For Counter Tops | Counter Transformation

Updating the kitchen is probably the costliest project on most home owners’ lists. If it’s not in the budget, we hear all about the quick fixes you can do in your kitchen.



Spray On Granite For Counter Tops | Counter Transformation.

How to Get Kids to Save Energy | Saving Energy at Home | HouseLogic


Want your kids to pitch in and help save energy? Green parenting bloggers weigh in on getting kids to flip the switch and stop wasting energy.



How to Get Kids to Save Energy | Saving Energy at Home | HouseLogic.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets | Budget Kitchen Remodeling | HouseLogic



This before-and-after shot shows the transformation that can take place with cabinet refacing. Image: Chris Harrison/Richmond Refacing

Refacing your kitchen cabinets includes covering the exposed frames with a thin veneer of real wood or plastic laminate. Doors and drawer fronts are replaced to match or complement the new veneer. New hinges, knobs, pulls, and molding complete the transformation.

What are the pros and cons?

via Refacing Kitchen Cabinets | Budget Kitchen Remodeling | HouseLogic.

Master Closet Layout | Organizing Your Master Closet | HouseLogic


Master closet organization creates ample space for one or two users and includes storage features to make the space easy to arrange and maintain.

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Master Closet Layout | Organizing Your Master Closet | HouseLogic.

How to Update Kitchen Cabinets for Under $100 | Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

How to Update Kitchen Cabinets for Under 0 | Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


Knobs and pulls are kitchen jewelry that can dress cabinets up. Note that cabinet hardware can get very fancy and expensive — costing $30 and up for a single ornate knob. But you’ll get a huge bang for a few bucks by buying 10-packs of simple, contemporary hardware at big box stores for less than $20 (that’s $2 a knob!).

To save time and money, replace 1-hole hardware with 1-hole upgrades; 2-hole with 2-hole. That way, you won’t need to drill or patch.

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How to Update Kitchen Cabinets for Under $100 | Kitchen Cabinet Ideas.

Ideas to Squeeze in More Kitchen Storage | Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves


Corner Storage — Unleashed!

Corner cabinets are notorious for storing kitchen items — forever! With its deep further recesses, a corner cabinet is the Bermuda Triangle of your kitchen. Fortunately, clever kitchen cabinet manufacturers are finding ways to shed light on this Neverland. This cabinet is a combination door and drawer — swinging open the door brings with it all the contents of your corner cabinet.

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Ideas to Squeeze in More Kitchen Storage | Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves.