700 Credit Score Communities to help you achieve your financial goals



At HOPE we believe that when you transform a neighborhood to become a 700 credit score community, check cashers, title lenders, payday lenders and rent-to-own stores become credit unions and community banks and liquor stores are transformed into convenient stores and grocery markets.

HOPE believes that a community empowered with their own sense of financial dignity, asks more good questions, demand better products and services, are more aspirational, and position themselves as an upwardly mobile emerging market for the future.  A community filled with economic opportunity.
The HOPE Financial Dignity Centers will lead our efforts to transform the client-base we serve, and the under-served communities we exist within to drive so-called “poor neighborhoods” into emerging market communities of economic opportunity. This will be done with a focus on creating 700 credit score communities by working closely with our clients and surrounding communities to move average credit scores from the 550 credit score range, to the 650-670 plus credit score range.


To find out more about the 700 Credit Score Communities Initiative, please contact chris.huff@operationhope.org

700 Credit Score Communities.

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